Fully Modular Backpack


  • Dimensions: 19.7 L X 12.2 W X 6.1 W; Weight 3.3LB; Holds up to 20LB 
  • Choose from multiple sets photography set, business set, and traveling set 
  • Photograph set includes camera bag S, camera bag L, sling bag 
  • Business set includes document case, power bag, sling bag
  • Traveling set includes garment bag, wash bag, sling bag 
  • Perfect weight distribution with ergonomic soft foam back pad for extra back support and comfort 
  • Made to last with fidlock magnetic snaps water proof material and zippers 
  • Secret components for your private things

Inspiration from the traditional carrying method. Kago-Shoi is a traditional frame which allows to shift the cargo vertically and therefore adjust the COG for easier, lighter carrying. By distributing the weight closer to the body, the COG is put higher and closer to the COG of the body of the carrier. therefore, the backpack feels lighter and is more comfortable to wear.
The X-Frame is a solid, light weught structure in the black panel, which is directly connected to the shoulder straps to prevent the entire backpack form pulling down. The objects inside the backpack will be placed onto the X-Frame by magnetic snaps. Ergonomic backpad: contours to the sharp of your body and is extremely breathable. Shoulder straps: adjustable and to fit your body. Side utility strap: fastening the bag in sideways. Bottom utility strap: for your tripod, blanket tent or umbrella. The fidlock SNAP product family consists of a broad range of two-part connection pieces - the male upper and the female lower parts - which can be combined with each other in (almost) any configuration. Product designers are provided with the adequate version and fitting types for different materials and material thickness.
water proof environmentally friendly friendly coating, RPET: Water repellent high strength fabric.soft pu coasting lining. High density mesh. fIdlock slider: the fidlock slider is presenting a true alternative to the traditional buckle. It can be easily and conveniently opened by sliding laterally and closes automatically. the slider made of fibre-glass reinforced nylon (PA) is especially robust.

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