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      Zoraesque Style Backpack

      Zoraesque Style Backpack

      We've had the vision of expanding our product range into the fitness industry for years, and now it is finally here. 


      Zoraesque - is our unique BagSmart design for women's bags. All the products in the series have been specially designed for the health-conscious, on the go modern-day women.


      If you have not seen Zoraesque yet, allow us to introduce it to you!


       Zoraesque Style Backpack  https://www.bagsmart.com/collections/new-arrivals-1/products/zoraesque-style-backpack



      Stylish, versatile, and functional. 


      The backpack contains extra protection for your belongings. There is a special laptop compartment, which has an extra layer of protection for your electronic products.


      Zoraesque Tote  https://www.bagsmart.com/collections/new-arrivals-1/products/zoraesque-tote


      What makes this tote bag stand out is the functionality! 


      Unlike other tote bags on the market, Zoraesque has plenty of compartments to store everything you need. Oh, and it even has a yoga mat strap, making it easy to carry your yoga mat with you wherever you go.


      Both bags are available in pink and black.

      Zoraesque Morden Backpack

      Zoraesque Morden Backpack

      We've been listening to the requests from our fans, and that's why we have created - Zoraesque. We made sure to release this collection for women with plenty of options. 

      Zoraesque Morden Backpack https://www.bagsmart.com/collections/new-arrivals-1/products/zoraesque-duffel

      Slightly larger and more spacious than our other backpack - Zoraesque Style Backpack. Zoraesque Morden Backpack is a great option for women who need a stylish backpack that can fit everything they need for the day. 

      The backpack is easy to carry and has plenty of space for all your belongings.

      Zoraesque Duffelhttps://www.bagsmart.com/collections/new-arrivals-1/products/zoraesque-morden-backpack

      Tote bag to small for you? Then this is the bag made for you. Similar to the tote bag, the duffel also has a yoga strap. 

      This is truly the bag made for fitness enthusiasts. You will be able to fit everything you need for the workday inside, and your gym wear for your after-work sessions!

      Both bags are available in pink and black.

      Several Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

      Several Ways to Celebrate Father's Day

      Why do we celebrate Father's Day?

        Father's Day is a holiday to be grateful for your father. It began in the early twentieth century and originated in the United States. And is now celebrated in most countries around the world, but the dates of festivals vary by region. The most common date is the third Sunday of June every year. 52 countries and regions in the world celebrate Father's Day on this day. There are different ways to celebrate Father's Day in various places, but most of them are related to gift-giving and family dinners.


        Here are a few ways you could celebrate Father's Day:

         1. Make breakfast for parents

      Surprise your father with a delicious home-cooked breakfast. This is a great way to show your thanks and love for your father. We bet he will be happily surprised.

         2. Read a thank you Letter to your Father

      You can write a letter of love and blessings to your father on the day of Father's Day, hold this letter in front of him, read it aloud to him, and thank him.

         3.Take him out

      Don't feel like cooking? Why not take him out to his favorite restaurant. Take him to his favorite restaurant, that one you have not been to for a while!

         4. Drink beer to celebrate

      On Father's Day, don't limit how much he can drink. Let him get loose and enjoy his day. Remember it is Father's Day!

         5. Buy him a gift

      On Father's Day, you can send your father carefully selected gifts, such as a highly practical wallet. This year's Father's Day, are your gifts ready? BAGSMART wallet LAX Passport Holder is a good choice ~


      In addition to the above ways of celebrating Father's Day, you can also take photos with your father, make memories into a movie. The possibilities are endless. Be creative with how you express gratitude.


      We Are Launching A Women's Bag Collection!

      We Are Launching A Women's Bag Collection!

      After many days of hard work by the team, we have developed a new series of women's backpacks. We don't have much information to share yet, but trust us. There is a lot to be excited about with this new collection. With that said, here is a little bit of a teaser on this new collection.

      1.Simplistic and versatile design

      Bagsmart's new women's series backpack adopts a simple design with a single color but a high-end fashion sense. They use glamorous colors such as pink and simplistic colors like black.


      2.The fabric is soft and comfortable.

      We make sure our bags are not only functional but also extremely comfortable. Slub cotton is a novel weaving process for all-cotton fabrics. It has soft, high-breathability, stretch-resistance, high moisture absorption, and other characteristics that ordinary cotton fabrics do not have—comfortable fabric inside and outside the bag.


      3.Multiple storage compartments

      All of our products are designed to be highly functional, and of course, this collection is no different. There are multiple storage compartments inside the bag with enough space. The bags have enough compartments for you to store all of your belongings neatly. There is also an independent E-ZONE space to protect your electronic products.


      4.Large capacity

      Functionality and practicality are at the core of Bagsmart. Each bag in this series has a large capacity, which can easily hold daily commuting supplies such as umbrellas, kettles, books, etc., suitable for diverse scenarios such as work and school.


      Are you excited to see more? You'll have to be patient! We will be releasing more information shortly. Follow us on Instagram @bagsmartbags to stay up to date with bagsmart!

      8 Reasons to Use A Phone Sterilization Case

      8 Reasons to Use A Phone Sterilization Case

      The current epidemic of new coronaviruses is not over yet, and it is extremely important to disinfect personal belongings at this time. We have our phones with us all the time, and it's important now to make sure we are disinfecting our phones correctly. Many of the ways you read about online are incorrect or not as effective as ultraviolet disinfection. That's why we developed this case using ultraviolet light.

      Here are 8 reasons why you need this:

      1. Ultraviolet sterilization

        The reason why the sun can sterilize is the use of ultraviolet. The ultraviolet light destroys the DNA or RNA in the bacteria, causing cell death, thereby removing up to 99.9% of germs, bacteria, and viruses.

        2. Improve your health

          After going out for a day, a lot of bacteria will attach to your body, especially mobile phones, keys, etc. The mobile phone disinfection package will fully sterilize your belongings.

          3. Only takes 60 seconds

          Put the mobile phone or other small objects in the disinfection bag, it only takes one minute to complete the disinfection of the front and back sides. Make sure you sterilize both the front and back of your phone. Le

          4. Sterilization rate is as high as 99.9%

          After the actual measurement, our disinfection kit can kill 99.9% of various common viruses and bacteria.

          5. Hidden USB interface

          The mobile phone sterilization package is divided into a USB direct charge version and a battery version. The hidden charging port does not affect the appearance. Every time the battery is fully charged, it can be sterilized and used about 80 times.

          6. Transparent window

          The exterior of the disinfection package is specially designed with a transparent, energy-saving, and environmentally friendly PC transparent window. During use, the purple light is always bright.

          7. 0 Mercury 0 Ozone

          Non-toxic and more environmentally friendly; no harm and more peace of mind. When the disinfection is completed or the package is opened, the ultraviolet lamp will automatically turn off to avoid direct human body exposure.

          8. Convenient to carry, go with you

          The sterilization kit is suitable for various types of mobile phones and can be used for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. You can also use it to sterilize small items such as keys.

          The mobile phone sterilization case is small and compact, and it is convenient to carry whether you are commuting or traveling. It is suitable for various sizes and solves the disinfection needs anytime, anywhere.

          Buy it now: Phone Sterilization Case

          Tips On How to Choose A Sling Bag

          Tips On How to Choose A Sling Bag

          Today, sling bags are not only worn by middle-aged people. Yes, the fanny pack is back in fashion again. 
          So, how do we choose the right sling bag?
          Firstly - pick your style
          We all like beautiful things, and we all have different tastes. First, decide what colors you prefer. Generally, a bag it's easy to match the color of the bag to the clothing you wear. And for the more daring people, you can choose a bag with a unique design and multiple colors.
          Secondly - practicality
          Don't just buy the first sling bag you think looks good. You need to take into consideration how practical the bag is for you. Does it have enough storage compartments for all your things? Make sure you can use it before you buy it.
          Lastly - comfort
          What's the point of a bag that's no comfortable? To avoid regret and wasting money, take into account style, practicality, and comfort before you purchase your sling bag.
          Buy it now: Falco City Sling