What's the one thing that we always have with us? The answer is pretty obvious - mobile phones. You probably can't even remember the last time when you left home without it. Mobile phones have become an everyday part of life. We use our phones to read, contact friends, and do online shopping, order food. Basically, we use our phones for everything.

Lose of power when you're out is a real fear. What use does a phone out of power have? If you are like us, you're constantly worried about running out of battery, which is why we always make sure to carry a portable charger.

The Falco commuter backpack has a built-in USB port you can use to charge your mobile phone. No need to take the portable charger out of the backpack. It's convenient and straightforward to use. Now you can easily charge your mobile while you are walking, riding or in class.

This is just another reason why you will love to use Falco commuter bag.

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