Ten Things You Need to Know About Falco Commuter Pack

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  1. [ Waterproof and wear-resistant material ] The Falco Backpack is made from resistant and wear-resistant materials. No need to worry about rain damage. Falco is a durable backpack that keeps your belongings safe from water damage. 

  2. [ E-zone space ] Falco's E-zone space design can store up to 15.6-inch laptops. The E-Zone compartment is specially designed to provide extra protection for your laptop.

  3. [ RFID pocket ] Keep your credit cards safe with an RFID anti-theft brush pocket. Falco is equipped with an RFID anti-theft brush pocket which blocks signal transmissions.

  4. [ Anti-theft design ] RFID pocket also has a reverse-opening design. This provides an extra level of protection for your belongings. It makes it difficult for anyone to open the zipper without being noticed.

  5. [ USB charging interface ] The Falco backpack comes with a built-in USB charging port, allowing you to conveniently charge your phone while you are walking or doing other tasks.

  6. [ Trolley strap ] Instead of having to carry your backpack while traveling, you can attach the Flaco backpack to your suitcase using the trolley sleeve.

  7. [ Easy access pocket ] The front pocket of the backpack has a special keyring you can use to store keys. You can quickly remove keys with a single key. 

  8. [ Comfortable to carry ] The backpack handle is made from high-quality faux leather, which makes it comfortable to carry.

  9. [ Extra protection from water damage ] The Flaco backpack has been specially designed to minimize water damage. The zipper areas are all covered to prevent rain from entering the backpack.

  10. [ Breathable material ] The backpack is made from breathable materials which allows moisture to pass through and evaporate, so you don't get as sweaty.

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