We've interviewed a few Bagsmart customers to find out what are the three most essential items in their backpacks. Let's have a look
Customer A: Salesperson
Essential items: mobile phones, laptops, power banks
Why do you need these items?
As a salesman, I'm often on the road meeting clients. Where ever I go, I have to make sure I have my phone and laptop with me at all times and, of course, a power bank too.
Customer B: Photographer
Essential items: Camera, tripod, wallet
Why do you need these items?
I am a full-time freelance photographer. Cameras and tripods have become a part of my life. I always carry them with me, because you never know when you will find those picture-perfect moments.
Customer C: Teacher
Essential items: notebook, phone, cosmetic case
Why do you need these items?
I like to use a notebook more than a computer. As a teacher, I always have a lot of things to do. I record everything in my notebook. The phone is essential for everyone these days, and all women need a cosmetic case.
Customer D: College student
Essential items: phone, wallet, textbook
Why do you need these items?
We all need these things for school. Who goes to school without a textbook?  And almost no one ever leaves their home without their phone and wallet.
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