Backpack or Briefcase, Which Laptop Style is The Most Practical?

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Carrying your computers with the help of a laptop bag is easy and convenient. These bags are an excellent choice for people who travel quite a bit, such as researchers, employees, and students. Laptop bags provide an increased capacity for storage as well as better adaptability. In addition, they are available in a wide range of forms, hues, and patterns for personal styling. Given how much money is spent on computers, it is essential to transport them with care. As a result, the most practical method for transporting a laptop is to use a lap bag designed for the purpose. Consequently, a laptop bag is the most practical way to transport a laptop.


But while shopping for a laptop bag, the question of whether to choose a backpack or a briefcase (shoulder bag) often arises. We're in the same pickle as those who argue about whether or not to use iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows.

There is no clear winner between briefcases and backpacks when it comes to carrying a laptop, but we can weigh the pros and cons of each to determine which is best for us. The following three factors are the most important ones. Also, we provide here some extraordinary Bagsmart bags for you to choose.


  • Storage capacity

    In most cases, this is the first consideration when buying a laptop bag. It's because people on the go always have a lot of other stuff to lug about in addition to their computers, whether they're students, workers, or tourists. Accordingly, it's essential to have a laptop bag with enough space for all of your belongings. Many would agree that a backpack is more practical here. It's true that a backpack, because of its expandability, may hold more belongings.

    However, nowadays some thin briefcases are built of expandable materials that may give greater storage space. This is a result of both technological advancements and a shift in consumers' attitudes about purchasing. Many of the travel briefcases sold at Bagsmart are designed like this.


    Take Bagsmart 17.3 Inch Laptop Bag as an example: the expandable design is reimagined in this roomy laptop briefcase, which has a minimalist silhouette that's great for everyday use as well as outside excursions. The strong and sturdy laptop briefcase is made from water-resistant polyester materials, has several storage sections for all daily requirements, and can safely hold computers up to 17.3 inches.


    • Comfort

    The level of comfort is another factor that should be considered. By distributing the load between the two shoulders, the backpack will help its user feel less burdened. The briefcase, on the other hand, can only be carried on a single shoulder, across the body, or by hand, which definitely adds to the burden on the shoulder or hand. Consequently, a backpack is ideal for travelers always on the go or long-distance commuters.

    However, stereotypes against backpacks persist. Many people mistakenly believe that backpacks are reserved only for students and tourists, while briefcases are used to make oneself look more professional.

    Regarding these issues, Bagsmart offers an effective solution. On the one hand, we have tailored the shoulder straps of our briefcases to ensure that even the most avid of briefcase fans can carry their bags about all day without strain. On the other hand, for backpack fans, we have merged professional and travel purposes to develop age- and demographic-appropriate designs that can be worn to any event and reflect your own sense of style.


    Our Horatio Laptop Backpack, for example, is a versatile and comfortable piece that can make you look professional for meetings and look stylish for meetups. Featuring a 'Bagsmart' logo on the front, this padded laptop backpack is crafted from robust, water-resistant polyester fabric, it also has two-way zipper closures for quick and simple access to your belongings. This backpack is also available in black and can hold a laptop up to 15.6" (medium size) or 17.3" (large size).

    Travel, School, Work

    On the other hand, we have also improved the details to make the briefcase more comfortable to carry. This 17.3 Inch Laptop Briefcase for Women perfectly demonstrates our savoir-faire. With its padded top handles, and padded ergonomic shoulder strap design, the wearer can comfortably carry heavy loads for extended periods of time.

    • Protection

      Most people are on the lookout for a laptop bag that will keep their expensive laptops safe. A briefcase is preferable in this scenario since it is tailored to the dimensions of a laptop and provides extra security. In contrast, a backpack is enormous in volume, though has a dedicated compartment for a laptop, it lacks any additional security features.

      Bagsmart has also modified the design in response to this. In order to avoid too many items from falling into the laptop, most of our backpacks are created with numerous compartments. In addition, the laptop compartment is made of soft protective material and has velcro buckles that can secure the computers and provide adequate protection.


      Our Zoraesque 15.6 Inch Laptop Stylish Backpack is one of this kind. The wide-opening design allows you to put or take out your laptop easily, while the soft linings and the velcro strap helps to secure the equipment in the right place. Additionally, the many compartments let you organize everything without harming your beloved computers.ROOMY COMPARTMENT

      There are, of course, additional factors worth thinking about. There is no right answer when deciding between a backpack and a briefcase; we must consider our own circumstances. If you commute or travel long distances often, a backpack is the best option since it protects your shoulders and health; if you want to project a more professional image (though we don't like to confess this stereotypical thinking), then a briefcase is the better choice.

      Regardless, is a great resource, since we provide a wide variety of laptop bags. We have done a number of designs and modifications to make these bags suitable for a wide variety of uses, so you don’t need to bother thinking about whether to choose a backpack or a briefcase.

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