How to Pack for a Weekend Trip: Our 5 Best Tips

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Travel is one of the best things to do, even if it's only a short weekend away. The only downside about travel is preparing, especially what to pack.  To make life easier for you, here are five travel tips you can use for your next trip.

Use a backpack instead of a shoulder bag

While we are fans of all types of bags, backpacks are far more comfortable and practical than shoulder bags. Traveling is a time to prioritize practicality over style. Backpacks allow for better weight distribution and can hold more items than shoulder bags.

Portable Charger

You never want to be without power when traveling.  While traveling, even just the thought of running out of phone battery is enough to induce anxiety. Always be prepared, and make sure you have a portable charger with you (make sure it's charged!).

Multipurpose pocket knife tool

Unless you are boarding a flight, a multipurpose knife is always useful to have with you while traveling. Multipurpose purpose pocket knives don't take up much space at all and can help with many situations.

Disposable raincoat.

It's best to prepare for all scenarios. Regardless of the weather forecast, you don't want to be left outside in the pouring rain without a raincoat or umbrella. Although you may not use it, if you do use it, you'll be grateful you packed it.

Water & Food

When you're on the road traveling in unfamiliar areas, you may not know when you're next chance to purchase food and water could be. Be prepared and pack food and water in your backpack!

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